Impact K2-PAD-M7 6-Pin Connector/Adapter for Kenwood Multi-Pin Radios


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This K2-PAD-M7 adapter converts a 6-pin, quick disconnect Hirose(TM) connector for use on Kenwood multi-pin radios.

OEM radio models for use with this adapter:

TK-190/290/390, TK-280/380/480, TK-2140/3140, TK-2180/3180/4180, TK-481, TK-3212, TK-5210, TK-5400, TK-385, TK-3148, TK-5410, TK-5220, TK-5310/5410, TK-5320/5420,
NexEdge: NX-200, NX-210, NX-300, NX-410, NX-5200, NX-5300, NX-5400

Viking VP5230, VP5330, VP5430, VP6230, VP6330, VP6430

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